TCM Woman Wellness (Anti-Aging)​

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) women’s wellness anti-aging treatments combine herbal remedies, acupuncture, and lifestyle practices to promote youthful skin, balance hormones, and enhance overall vitality. These holistic approaches aim to rejuvenate the body from within, improve energy flow, and support long-term health and beauty.

The Benefits

Enhanced Energy and Vitality
woman reproduction care and wellness
natural method for body and mind healing
support and cure chronic conditions

More About TCM Woman Wellness (Anti-Aging)

Yes we do have 3 bundles under the TCM category.

  1. TCM Woman Wellness (Anti Aging)
  2. Gin-Ai TCM Yang Sheng
  3. Xin Qi行气 – Flow TCM Yang Sheng


Each bundle provides different TCM treatments with different functions targeting different parts of the body and well-being.

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Gui-Fer is an ancient beauty Yang Sheng Wellness, tailored specially for ladies’ wellness for everlasting beauty. In ancient time, the beauty is maintained from the wellness using TCM therapeutic ancient recipes for balancing the Ying & Yang of the body. The products are made with first flowers and contains of herbs like Angelic herbs for hormonal balance, digestive support and also for detoxification. Ginger for promoting heat & circulation, Sichuan Red Peony helps to relieve pain and aid in promoting blood circulation. Another herb is Cinnamon, helps in reducing inflammation and acts as an antioxidant to promote free radical.

Ai-Cao艾草 is an Herb as known as a ‘TCM Treasure’ is often used to Fumigate Acupuncture Points hencing warm up the Body Meridian. As a ‘hot’ yang herb is good for getting rid of Coldness & Dampness in body and promoting metabolism of the body, dredging collateral channels and helping to recuperate ‘Qi’ 气 & ‘ Blood Flow’行血. Promotes ‘Qi Energy’ circulation in the Meridian channel / while re-density the ‘ Qi-flow’气行 in the body. The GIN-Ai 姜艾Yang sheng Bundle B is a mixture of Ginger Ai-chao(艾草) Essential herbs to treat common ailments & to help Balance the Body ‘Ying’阴 & ‘Yang’ 阳.

The TCM Traditional Medicine is unique is very effective in treating all health ailments. Chinese herbs are used for variety of conditions like auto-immune condition and also helps to relieve body or lower back pain. It can help to regulate inflammation of the entire immune system. It also helps to treat pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Xin–Qi行气 TCM therapy is to help improve blood circulation and increase metabolism & Increase Qi flow.

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