TCM Wellness at De Beaute

Bo Jing TCM Wellness Therapy

Meridians are networks of channels that transport ‘Qi’ (energy) and Acu-Points are places along the meridians where the Qi is accessible. Example, close to the surface of the skin. Stimulations of Acu-Points like with finger pressure, needles or heat will influence the local area & various functions of related organ meridian.


TCM Woman Wellness (Anti-Aging)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) women’s wellness anti-aging treatments combine herbal remedies, acupuncture, and lifestyle practices to promote youthful skin, balance hormones, and enhance overall vitality. These holistic approaches aim to rejuvenate the body from within, improve energy flow, and support long-term health and beauty.

Ancient TCM Meteorite Therapy

The TCM Medi-Spa Wonder Treatment integrates modern and traditional Chinese Medicine with innovative therapies like ‘Meteorite,’ ‘Moxa,’ and ‘Herb-Infusion.’ This cutting-edge treatment rejuvenates the body and skin by combining ancient healing techniques with contemporary spa practices for a revitalising wellness experience.