Meso-Dermal Electroporation Skin Infusion Booster

The Meso-Dermal Infusion Electroporation series is a unique, anti-aging, scien-tifically, non-surgical, innovative, state-of-the-art, cutting-edge cosmeceu-tical treatment system designed forbeauty medical aesthetics treatments that transport nutrients painlessly into the skin to treat a wide range of skin concerns.

The Benefits

fades face wrinkles and fine lines
reduce skin pigmentation and dark spots
tighten skin around eyes, cheeks, chin and neck
REVITALIsE SKIN TEXTURE & even skin tone

More About Meso-Dermal Electroporation Skin Infusion Booster

Meso-Electroporation, known as no-needle mesotherapy, uses an electric pulse to momentarily disrupt the cell membranes, allowing products to enter and penetrate the deeper layers of the epidermis and into the dermis. This technique increases the likelihood of a satisfactory aesthetic outcome, minimises the risk of treatment complications, requires no downtime, and has few contraindications. No-needle mesotherapy is
an entirely pain-free procedure.

Meso-derma electroporation involve passing water molecules from the epidermis to the dermis. Used for 15 years with scientifically proven solutions to penetrate water-based cocktail products into the skin optimally. It goes through the pores to nourish the skin cells directly from the epidermis to the dermis and enters the skin’s deep layers without pain or downtime.

Allows face therapy cocktails to penetrate and enter the skin’s deep layers without pain or downtime. The technique uses a needle-free device to emit a pulsed electromagnetic wave that creates transitional pores at a cellular level. This modality is called ‘Electroporation, a conventional mesotherapy in synergy that makes it possible to disseminate the sterile products in the tissue and boost theireffectiveness.

This technology is consolidated to be an incredible design for beauty medical aesthetics treatments. It is considered an incredible procedure that allows the transdermal delivery of whatever substance operators want, which is otherwise not absorbed into the skin because of the typology
and dimension of their molecules.

Meso-Dermal Electroporation Skin Infusion ionic dug solutions to penetrate down to Hypodermis, and it is faster than traditional iontophoresis, micro, and macro-molecules (greater than 800 K Dalton in size, such as Hyaluronic, Vitamins, Amino acids, Heparin, Anti-inflammatories, etc.) are safely delivered into the body without either modification of the ionic drug solutions pH and Electrolysis effect of the ionic solution itself. This was not possible with traditional iontophoresis system before.

  • Skin rejuvenation and bio-revitalisation.
  • Fades wrinkles and lines.
  • Stretch marks treatments.
  • Lightens pigmentations, freckles.
  • Tighten the skin around the eyes, cheeks, chins & neck.
  • Treat alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss.
  • Removes dark eye circle, eye bag /puffiness
  • Get rid of double chin and fat adipose on the face cheeks.
  • Tighten loose skins
  • Reduce Skin inflammations

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