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RF Herkin

Its stand for Radio Frequency (RF). This treatment by using RF releases heat energy to the middle and lower levels of your skin. The heat energy will tighten the skin’s collagen and stimulate the growth of new collagen. Resulting in better skin, giving you a youthful appearance.

Refraction – The line of electric force gets BENT on the boundary surface of the dielectric (electrical conductor) substance.

Reflection – Higher frequency and conductivity it has, more reflection happens.

Refraction & Reflection takes place simultaneously

Absorption – If the intracellular fluid is less than 60%, the RF reaction will be affected. The higher the fluid level, the better the effectiveness on the RF responses.

The Benefits:

  • Skin tightening

  • Skin lifting

  • Acne treatment

  • Muscular relax and pain relief

  • Reduce wrinkles and lines

  • Stimulate collagen growth

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