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Oxy Bust

Oxy Bust is a safe & effective way to enhance the appearance of the perfect & sexy bust you always wanted. This treatment also helps to prevent sagging, drooping and keep your busts perky. By using oxygen, it is able to penetrate into the dermis effectively, giving the cells a boost of oxygen. It also cleans and clear drainage pathway, moves lymph fluids through lymph nodes under the arms and will also improve the immune system. This promotes natural lymphatic drainage and will reduce breast tissue toxins at the same time.

This treatment can improve health & fitness of the breast and also the blood circulation of the breast without heat or invasive process.

The Benefits:

  • Reduce risk of cyst formation
  • Reduce risk of breast cancer
  • Firming
  • Prevent sagging and drooping
  • Help in the contouring of bust
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