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Aqua Shine Skin Rejuvenation, known as MesoJet, by DeBeaute is a deep hydrating procedure that helps to rejuvenate your skin, bring back to it best. It is a supersonic painless process for skin rejuvenation and transcutaneous supplementation.

Why choose this treatment:

  • No surgery, no injection, no needles, no pain, no scab
  • Minimize pores, brightening, moisturize, soften lines, face lifting
  • 98% if skin problem is significantly improved
  • 1  treatment is equivalent to applying 8000 times of face mask

 Intelligent Wheel Positioning:

  • Operators use without hand lift suspension
  • Adhere close to the skin for easy gliding
  • Intelligent steering maneuver according to face contour
  • Treatment tip in full skin contact is possible
  • Smart movement advance to next treatment area
  • Able to reach deep folds of the skin

The Benefits:

  • Deeply hydrate and skin oxygenation resulting in clarify skin
  • Open up pores, so as to let the skin absorb nutrients better
  • Enhance skin moisture level, improve the appearance of rough yellowish skin
  • Rejuvenate and brighten, highly moisturizing, improve skin tone, lock the skin nutrition, easy oil control
  • Reduce scarring, wrinkles and skin pigmentation
  • Reduce oily skins


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