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Lumicell is used for cellulite management system like no other. This revolutionary aesthetic innovation is effective in fighting persistent localized fat deposits.

Lumicell has dramatic slimming and firming effects and can penetrate all layers that are affected by cellulite. When the treatment is done, your skin can feel firm and the legs will feel lighter.

This treatment will have a deep tissue massage to soften the fibrous tissues so that blood circulation will improve in that particular area. This encourages the fluid and toxin that are trapped in the cellulite pocket to be drain. There will be a light that will warm-up the body tissue to stimulate the fat to allow it to be released so there will be an increase of collagen production. This will result in skin tightening and leading to better skin appearance.

The Benefits:

  • Very effective for cellulite problem
  • Long last thing result
  • Reduce cellulite deposits / stubborn fats
  • Reduce the circumference of the thighs
  • Improvement of skin complexion
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Skin tightening
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