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LED Facial Omega Light

LED Facial Omega Light is composed of 287 special medical SLD with 4 different coloured of LED lights for treating different kind of skin types.

The 4 LED light colours are:

Red (wavelength of 640nm)

Yellow (wavelength of 583nm)

Green (wavelength of 532nm)

Blue (wavelength of 423nm)

Previously, medication-based acne treatment methods had harsh side effects (such as foetal deformities) and only offered atemporary solution. With PDT (Omega light, photodynamic therapy) is the latest technology that minimizes all the flaws of former methods. By using specific wavelengths, acne bacteria are destroyed and sebum are reduced. Omega light offers a quick and effective way to treat acne and remove blackheads, as well as cleanse pores and exfoliate. In the past, it was developed to reduce pain and dress wounds and now it is also used for post-surgical recovery, hair restoration, aesthetic skin care and obesity.

Each different colour/wavelength has their specify functions that aids in your skin conditions.

Red LED light targets cells under the skin surface by stimulating the cells to produce new collagen and prevent abreakout. It will:

  • Regenerate skin cell
  • Speed up blood circulation
  • Reduce acne scars
  • Pain relief

Yellow LED light targets problem such as redness, spider veins and is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

  • Reduce red spots and reduce redness at the cheeks area
  • Suitable for blushing facial type
  • Reduce Pigment marks on the face


Green LED light targets the production of melanin that causes spots and freckles on your face by reducing it.

  • Have calming effects
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Help in relaxation of mind and body


Blue LED light help to produce singlet oxygen by attacking PP-9. Singlet oxygen is toxic to the acne bacteria, hence it will reduce acne effectively.

  • Purification of acne bacteria
  • Regulate of sebaceous glands
  • Stop inflammation of the wound
  • Calming effect on the troubled skin


The Benefits:

  • Safe and convenient
  • Revitalizes skin cells & accelerates blood circulation
  • Safe for patients with antibiotic resistance
  • Maximum effects with shortened treatment time
  • No side effects
  • Improvement of acne, scars, pores, blackheads, & dead skin cells
  • Treats acne from original source & sterilizes acne bacteria
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