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The EPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment, which is also known as Photofacial is used for anti-aging purposes. This method has no downtime, safe, remove pigmentation such as freckles and remove excess broken blood vessel from the facial skin. This treatment is also favoured for specific pigment and vascular lesions.

EPL Skin Rejuvenation use a light treatment like the sudden of camera light to target and eliminate discoloured blemishes non-surgically from the skin. It also works by passing flashes of light through a filter that allow the specific colour of light to pass through and reach the skin.

EPL helps to reverse the sign of early aging while stimulating collagen & elastin synthesis to raise the rate of elasticity, strengthen and tightening of the skin.

After the first treatmentyou can feel the immediately tightens on the surface of the skin while stimulating collagen production for longterm effect in cell production. It helps to restore healthy skin barrier functions & enhances anti-oxidant, defense against photo-aging & free radical damage and also help to fight acne.

EPL is used for acne clearance, redness, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal and pigmentation treatment.

To have an optimal result, you after about 3 sessions of treatment between 4 to 5 week. The pigmentation will be lighter and some will be gone. Blood vessel will be smaller looking too.

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