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Anti-Aging Ultrasonic Facial

The Anti-aging ultrasonic facial is good for smoothing out fine lines, wrinkles, tightening of the skin, reduce puffy eyes, dark circle, pigmentation, reduce pores size and improve acne conditions.

The process is painless and safe and is even suitable for people with sensitive skin. Ultrasound is a type of sound wave. The sound wave is used to penetrate deep to reach the dermis layer. No discomfort and side effect.

During the facial treatment, a conductive gel will be applied to the skin. The ultrasound will then be absorbed by the muscle and a slight temperature increase is seen in the muscle tissue. This will result in a need for oxygen in the cells which will lead to better removal of waste products. It also has an antibacterial cleansing action that helps to prevent acne outbreak and blemishes, leaving a firm, refreshing skin.

The Benefits:

  • Revive youthful looking skin

  • Increase blood circulation to enhance metabolism

  • Age-defying effect

  • Revitalize skin texture & improve elasticity

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