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Ancient Silk-Cocoon

Ancient silk-cocoon face treatment is used for having smoother and bright complexion skin, making one look beautiful and young. This treatment contains a naturally woven silk protein called Sericin which can be found in many anti-aging creams. Sericin is a type of protein that helps balance the skin’s amino acid content, prevent dehydration of the skin and stimulate skin’s collagen. It also increases metabolism, nurtures the skin making it soft and glowing radiantly.

By using silk cocoon, it contains 19 different types of amino acids that benefit the skin. The amino acids are antioxidant that eliminate certain type of skin diseases causeby microorganisms. It helps to fasten the healing process of the skin and improve the skin flexibility. Chapped, dry skin, wrinkles and pimples can also be reduced by using silk cocoon.

In addition, silkworm cocoons contain elastin-collagen which can be absorbed directly by the human skin for repairing damaged skin, eliminating blackheads, clogged pores & dry skin.

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