Oxy – Bust

Safe & effective way to enhance the appearance of the perfect & sexy bust you always wanted.

Is two ways functions equipment for improving health & fitness of the breast while improving the blood circulation to & through the breast without heat or invasive process, allowing beautician to offer your clients a comfortable, successful answer to their breast beauty.

Vacuum Massage
With the rolling steel balls, utilize the movement of special steel ball, pressure the muscle, accelerate lymph circulation & decompose the toxin. It cans strength the breast elastic, enhance bust development, improve the breast silhouette & rich the breast shape.

Chinese Traditional Cupping Stimulation
With the low intensity suction it increase blood circulation, activated lymphatic draining & toning up the muscles.

Contra Indications :
• Skin diseases (Tinea Coporal – is fungus like ringworm)
• Cancer
• Heart problems
• Recent scar tissues on the breast area
• Serious Diabetes
• Lumps
• Pregnanc