MTM Meridian Tissue Manipulations

MTM Meridian Tissue Manipulations

Using special Buffalo Horns elements to help Qi (energy) flows through channels of the body.

The Benefits of 'MTM' Therapy

  • Ancient Traditional Chinese Therapy using Meridian Tissue Manipulation (MTM). MTM therapy is a form of therapeutic / remedial massage that use  a special tool made of "buffalo horns" perform a rubbing effect on the deeper tissues into the deeper layers of the skin. 
  • This will help the trapped Chi (energy) that is blocked in body, help release tighten-up / sore muscles that has been blocked in the channels of the vessels, muscles, etc.
  • MTM therapy works directly onto the meridians of the body & clear the blockage of 'Chi' (energy) in the channels of the body. Once it's cleared the whole body will relieved of cell-pain symptoms including  aches, sores & tense muscles. The life energy MTM Chi Element Therapy will make a body feel like light & free of pain.
  • Our MTM therapy are tailored for different parts of the body to to help in the flow of the 'Chi' (energy) in all body channels.