Gua-Sha Facial

This 2,000-year-old treatment, was generally used for generations by Chinese as a remedy to treat painful areas like back or shoulder pain. But over the years,many people with professional assistance have tried it on their faces for beauty benefits and they did indeed bring remarkable results.

With its scrapping techniques used on the face, it improves blood circulation and removes toxic waste that assist in banishing fine lines and wrinkles and create a natural visible lift. It is both a relaxing and stress free way to look great. As Gua Sha is a natural healing remedy, it is safe and painless. Due to it’s scraping method to improve blood circulation, there is a slight redness that can be found on the skin. This redness will be gone naturally after 72 hours or lesser. Thus, there is no concerns for worries.

The Benefits:

  • Improve 'Chi' flow
  • Smoother and firmer skin
  • Get rid of toxins and blockages 
  • Reduce wrinkles and sagging skin