Detoxifying Facial / Acne Facial

It combined of IPL & Radio Frequency (RF) technology that helps skin rejuvenation. The IPL & Radio Frequency can stimulate production of Collagen Fiber of the skin. When the collagen fiber gets thicker, the skin will get smoother & more flexible. At the same time, the operation can shrink the dilated pores. It is good for Collagen Remodeling, Tissue Tightening, Face Lifting & Anti Aging.

The treatment utilizes a precisely filtered band of intense pulsed light to clear acne. It performs acne photo clearance. The Light treatments activate a photothemal reaction in the porphyry molecules associated with the acnes bacteria. This combination of intense green-yellow light energy destroys the acnes bacteria. A red wavelength of light is also utilized by providing anti-inflammatory results. Because the light utilizes a special anti-acne selected broadband spectrum of light, it is capable of treating wide varieties of acne, including mild to pustule inflammatory acnes vulgaris.