Carbon Nano-Light Aesthetics Skin Rejuvenation

A. Benefits of the Carbon Nano-Light Aesthetics Skin Rejuvenation

Charcoal Black Face Doll Advanced Aesthetics Light treatment is the effective light treatment suitable for all ages & helps to lighten age spots, dark spots, freckles, acne skin, wrinkles, fine lines, deep-open pores and helps remove blackhead & whiteheads. 



B. How does the Carbon Light Skin works 

The principle formulae of the immediate results of the treatment grade carbon powder that is applied to the skin and treating it with the nano-second light fast technology to stimulate and clean the pores thus promoting the growth of collagen elasticity fiber & cell-renewal growth. 


C. Is there any downtime after the Carbon-Nano Light Facial (aka Charcoal Black Face Doll)? 

Carbon Nano-Light Aesthetics Skin Rejuvenation is a non-invasion treatment & you will not be affected in your daily routines & schedule. No peel or blotchy skin at all. The face will look dashing with immediate reuslts. But do remember to use SPF 30+ or higher for outdoor activity under the sun or indoor. 

D. How would I feel or what do I expect on the day of the treatment of Carbon Nano-Light Aesthetics Rejuvenation?

All make-up must be removed, skin cleaned & cleared. You will only feel slight pricky but not painful feeling but it is at a comfortable pace. A minor sonic sound can be heard as carbon particles are targeted by the nano light. And the light energy is absorbed by the carbon particles to further enhance absorbtion into the deep skin for further penetration to the skin. 


E. What results will I see & how long do I need to do the treatment each time?

You will see an immediate clear, glowing & youthful brightness skin with  tightening of pores, lightening of spots & healthy looking skin. The treatment can be carried out once to twice a month depending on customer’s skin conditions & texture.