AQua O2

AQua Skin Therapy : AQua O2

If you have sensitive skin that causes concern, our AQua 02 Facial is the answer for you. It creates a cooling yet gentle peeling effect that removes dead and old skin cells. Using mesotherapy technique, it reinforce the skin with Vitamin-C and Oxygen, to hydrate and renew the cells. This will assist our skin to look younger, combating fine lines and wrinkles.

How it works?

  1. Oxygen Injector - An innovative concept using Oxygen supplies to replenish dehydrates skin.
  2. Oxygen Spray - Mesotherapy injects fine vitamins & cocktails for the face to penetrate.
  3. Detox Vacuum Pen - Using fine water O2 drop to create a gentle peeling to remove dead-skin-cells. Giving refresh hydrating effect. (can be added to the skin with acid-peels
  4. Bio Face Lifting - Aqua-lift for saggy, wrinkled  skin.
  5. Oxy Face Mask - Replenishes and renew skin conditions.

The Benefits:

  • ¬†Mesotherapy Technique
  • Gentle and Cool peeling effect
  • Hydrate and Renew Skin Cells
  • Vit-C Cocktail and Oxygen Injection directly into the skin