Peel-Away Skin Renewal Now @ $1888

The deal

  • 6 x SAP Clear Skin ($150 x 6) UP $900

  • 6 x Aqua Fresh Peel ($150 x 6) UP $900

  • 6 x Aqua Moisture Gel - Moisture Mask ($90 x 6) UP $540

  • Prices inclusive 7% GST

Session includes

  • FOC: Rebate Voucher

- Lightens age spots, light spots

- Reduces fine lines & wrinkles immediately

- Tighten dilated  pores

- Reduces acne, scars & post acne discoloration

- Remove dead cells from the superficial epidermal layer

- Stimulates collagen growth

- Improves skins texture

- Restores skin radiance & rejuvenates skin

- Clears pores to help reduce blackheads & whiteheads

De Beaute

As its name suggests, the centre specialises in the beautification and wellness of its clients – De Beaute harmonises the old and new through the use of state-of-the-art equipment while still trusting in traditional ingredients and methods. Its four outlets located in prime areas including International Plaza, Singapore Shopping Centre, and Roxy Square in East Coast provide an array of pampering and beneficial treatments such as 24K nano gold facials, Thai sai-bai herbal massage, and Herkin radio frequency slimming. 

Within the vicinity of this spa, one can expect to not only be treated to a relaxing experience through the spa’s services, but also bask in the sheer ambiance of its oriental-inspired decor, from red backdrops and artwork, to lanterns and aptly-placed bamboo shoots that appear to sprout from a miniature water fountain. Established by Miss Universe Singapore 1992 Ms Cori Teo, the Category One-licensed spa is certified under the Singapore Spa Association and boasting by CASETRUST accreditation for their services.





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