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O2 Plasma Serum


An essential serum that delivers high volume of oxygen intensifying the penetration of multivitamins to aid skin restoration. It greatly enhances the formation of elastin and collagen, whilst it’s strong anti-inflammatory properties also effectively induce acne healing and sun damage. Regular use will result in a healthier and clearer complexion.

  • Oxygen Plasma is a natural organic substance initially as artificial blood. Transports huge volume of oxygen to tissues. Wound healing preparation, increase sun protection effect
  • Stimulate elasticity
  • Anti-oxidant, fright against free radicals damages, triggers formation if collagen
  • Speed up cell renewal
  • Stabilized & encapsulated system to enable the effective delivery to skin cell
  • Humectant & hydrating
  • Light weight

Twice daily on cleansed skin. Follow with O2 Plasma Cream for maximum skin oxygenation

After cleansing and toning, apply on whole face & inflected area, damaged cells will be repaired to reduce scaring.
Followed by Intensive O2 Cream.

• Oxygen Plasma
• Vitamin A
• Vitamin C & E
• Silk Amino Acid
• Liposomes
• Propylene Glycol
• Oil Free Formula