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Unique formula with O2 Plasma that triggers the formation of collagen and elastin to stimulate healing of impaired tissues and promotes cell renewal and further delaying skin ageing process.

Fight against wrinkles, crows feet & skin aging

Strengthen blood vessels, anti oxidants

Balance pigmentation for more even skin tone

Calming effect

Full of micro-nutrients & Vit B help maintain healthy skin

Component that responsible to deliver high volume of oxygen to skin cell, triggers the formation of collagen & elastin fibers

Anti-inflammatory healing agents help restore soluble collagen

Contains highest natural concentration of nutrients to nourishes the skin


Apply a small amount onto cleansed skin. For maximum results, use with O2 Plasma Serum.

Apply a small amount onto cleanse face & throat after toner.
Use day & night

• Jojoba Oil
• Grape Seed Oil
• Licorice Extract
• Lavender Oil
• Clover Honey
• Oxygen Plasma
• Organic Sulfur
• Colostrums